My motivation to guide you through the journey to the inner peaceful heart is to venture upon new paths and witness new opportunities arise.

I believe that if you find peace within your heart, it will shine and gently touch the world around you. Working with this belief I want to support our international travelers and our international world congress team

... as coach by supporting participants and our team in every step on this journey to the inner peace of the heart.

... as mediator by creating a balance among heart, mind and body. Regardless of all the differences in the world, everything is of equal value and can be balanced into one vision.

... as natural healer to ensure that all our steps on this journey are in tune with nature and that our hearts beat in a peaceful rhythm.

I want to contribute ideas and support the team spirit by bringing in group dynamic exercises, developing a vision and ways to find peace of heart. With my team colleagues from all around the world, I would also like to share the experience gathered from our Journey of Heroes at the last World Congress in Croatia, where we led the participants through the steps of the Hero’s Journey for 3 exciting days.

My Buddhist studies over the last 15 years as well as personal experience in shamanic and visionary journeys flow into my vision for this journey to the inner peaceful heart in Egypt next year.

Andrea Mills, NLP master trainer, coach and certified mediator.